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Directions from San Jose Airport

1.   Ask for directions at rental car to take the CALDERA Highway to Liberia / Puntarenas. This is a TOLL road and you will need local currency coins or small dollar bills. Total toll should be around $7 ....

2.   Once in Puntarenas go through the under highway loop and take Inter-American (#1)  highway to Liberia

3.  Make a LEFT  at intersection of TEMPISQUE / AMISTAD PUENTE ... Look for the AMISTAD PUENTE about 50 km from Puntarenas ; this is where the restaurant “Las 3 Hermanas” is located in the North West corner. 

4.   Go for about 30 KM and cross the bridge and continue until the roads ends

5.   Make a right to Nicoya and go about 40KM through to the town of Santa Cruz

6.   Make a left to Tamarindo after the bridge of Santa Cruz
this will take you to Tamarindo through a paved  road for about 38KM

7.  In the Villareal intersection make a LEFT where there will be
signs indicating TAMARINDO 

8. Go  straight into TAMARINDO for about 5km once in Tamarindo you
will see the hotels, stores, etc ... and the Hotel Tamarindo DIRIA 

9. Make a left turn on the first street Immediately after passing the Hotel Tamarindo DIRIA;  in the SE corner is Restaurant PATAGONIA and Souvenirs CACAO and in the SW Corner is Nibana and E-Souvenirs. 

10.. Make a left and go for about 100YDS  you will find us on the left hand side !!!


In total is about 3½  to 4 ½ hr ........  it is an easy road drive all paved ...